Jeep WK2 Diesel Engine Oil Temperature to high

A common issue arising with the Diesel WK2 is the engine oil temperature getting to hot. The normal temperature for the engine oil temperature is 90-95 degrees Celsius.

If your jeep is exceeding 100 degrees Celsius and or getting up to 110-120 degrees, you have a problem and need to stop driving the vehicle until this is resolved.

Before launching into this repair you need to make sure that the engine coolant temperature is within normal operating range and that there is no cooling system overheat issues or coolant leaks. If your cooling system is also overheating you need to resolve this issue first.

Once the cooling system is operating as it should, if you still have the engine oil overheating issue, there is a high probability that you have a blockage at the cooler. As seen in the video, this prevents the coolant getting into the oil cooler unit and cooling the engine oil down.

This fault is not an external issue ie: you will not have oil and or coolant leaks if this is your issue. You will need to remove the cooler unit, clean the oil galleries in both the block and the cooler and flush the block with hot tap water. Then reassemble and ideally carry out a complete on car cooling system flush.

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