Jeep V6 Oil Pressure Warning Fault

The newer model V6 Jeep Wrangler and Cherokee are known for giving trouble with a fault relating to the oil pressure switch. The fault often triggers Fault Code P0520 which relates to a faulty oil pressure switch. If you have this fault code on your V6 Jeep you will have to replace the oil pressure switch.
Now for the fun part. This switch is located in the valley of the engine and requires the inlet manifold to be removed. We advise whilst doing this, the series of inlet manifold O rings that act as sealing gaskets for the intake runners, be replaced. Once you’re in, the switch is easy enough to be replaced.
Located in the valley is the oil cooler. The oil pressure switch is threaded into this. It is very common for the O rings on the cooler to leak causing oil to run down the valley and out the back of the engine and all over the transmission bell housing. If there are any signs of oil leaking inside the valley from this, we advise replacing it whilst you are there to save on additional labour costs down the track.
NOTE: if you need to replace this oil cooler, the oil pressure switch comes with it (if you are buying the part you need genuine).
Warning, the reason for this fault code is often put down to a faulty oil pressure switch and whilst this is normally accurate, the reason for the switch’s failure is often attributed to the incorrect grade of engine oil used in the motor. Replacing the switch and not insuring the correct grade of oil is used will result int he switch failing again in the future. Be sure to educate your client about the correct grade of oil or if it’s your personal car make sure you put the correct grade oil in it.
The manufacturer advises that for these engines the oil be 0W20.
Due to the location of the switch this can be an expensive and avoidable repair.

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