Jeep JK Wrangler Review & Common Problems

As Sydneys Jeep Specialists we see a huge number of Wranglers and the WK2 Grand Cherokee.

There are several cross overs between the two, primarily the petrol V6 engine is the same motor fitted to both vehicles.

The diesel on the other hand is a completely different vehicle.

If you’r e looking for a Cars guide style review of the cars, styling, handling and durability dictated at you by a want to be TV presenter than you are in the wrong place.

However, if you’re looking for a detailed list of mechanical faults to be mind full of and keep an eye out for, especially if you looking to buy one second hand this may be the list for you.

The Diesels:

Common faults include

INLET MANIFOLD: the failure of the plastic inlet manifold. The manifold has a coolant jacket running through the middle of it and the heats involved cause this plastic to disfigure and allow coolant to leak. The coolant leaks off the back of the cylinder head.

Inlet manifold failure.

INJECTORS: The diesel injectors in these are common for failure.

FUEL PRESSURE SENSOR: The fuel pressure sensor which is part of the fuel rail is also common for failure.

The Petrols:

OIL COOLERS: The oil coolers are located below the inlet manifold and they are made of plastic. The plastic fails and they leak oil out. Oil Cooler fault Click Here.

INJECTOR FAILURE The fuel injectors are semi common for giving trouble. Often with fault codes indicating such. Injector fault click here.

CAMSHAFTS, LIFTERS & TIMING CHAINS: All of these components are known to fail in a petrol Jeep but not always fail together. (Sometimes they do) The lifters and rockers can fail causing a ticking noise. The cam shaft case hardening fails causing the cam lobe to wear away resulting in misfire codes. The timing chains have been known to fail or stretch resulting in camshaft misalignment. Usually if any of these symptoms have begun, it is advised to get them all replaced at the same time. CAM SHAFTS

Honestly, if you want something to take off road, do serious off road work and look the part. There is quite simply no contender with the Wrangler. Mechanically the Diesel in this case is more mechanically reliable than the Petrol but no matter which way you cut it, they are not the cheapest car to maintain. No one is buying a Jeep because they are Cheap.…

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