Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 Hose in Valley trouble shooting guide

The Hose in the valley repair is arguably the most common repair the WK2 Diesel engine has.
We have shot to international fame in the past year or so after releasing a comprehensive guide on how to do this repair. This video is one of our highest viewed You tube videos. The video on how to do the repair can be found below.

Our social media channels and emails are inundated with a whole bunch of questions from people who have done this repair as a DIY and have now introduced one of three common issues into the vehicle.

The first and most common of these is the car is either hard to start, wont start and or is leaking fuel. If this is happening, you have left one or more of the high pressure fuel lines loose. Go back over all the fuel lines.

The next most common issue is the red lightning bolt warning light and the check engine light is on. The most common plug not plugged in properly is the brown plug for the throttle body. Its under the throttle body and often looks to be plugged in but is not all the way home.

The next common fault introduced is the glow plug light. These lights are a small yellow or orange coil or spring looking light. This light stays on of you have left a glow plug not plugged in.

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