Jeep Grand Cherokee Replacement Key

We are excited to announce that a new partnership with parts suppliers and an automotive locksmith GDL Automotive is now able to offer replacement keys for Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 and the Jeep Cherokee.

Prior to this the only option we had available to our clients was the dealership, which was excessively expensive. The dealer has quoted us an excess of $800 for the key fob itself and its coding to the vehicle which requires the car to be at the dealership, which if you have lost or broken kets, means the added cost of a tow truck.

This new partnership with our suppliers the automotive locksmiths and the diagnostic software company means we can now offer aftermarket alternatives, coded to the vehicle for $550 inclusive of GST.

This is something we have been asked of many times in the past and unfortunately we have had to send our beloved clients to the dealership for this. Now we can offer this product to our Jeep owners, cheaper than before and without the need to visit the dealership.

If this is something you wish to take advantage of please get in contact with us by clicking the link below.

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