Jeep Grand Cherokee ODB2 Security Link

OBD2 diagnostics can sometimes be a challenge on WK2’s, with instances where accessing and clearing codes encounters errors, often indicating a security link is needed. The WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee models, particularly those post-2018, and even a few from 2017, exhibit these code reading anomalies. Occasionally allowing only partial code reading while in other instances, it outright denies access and displays a security link warning. To address this, a stellantis bypass harness for OBD2 is the solution, For those in possession of the bypass harness, we have a step-by-step tutorial, demonstrating the alternative location to the standard OBD2 port. On the passenger side, concealed beneath the glovebox trim, There are two plugs. Plugging in the Bypass harness, you can code read headache free.

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