Jeep Grand Cherokee Noisy Suspension

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is not common for giving trouble with suspension. However as with all cars on the market they are a wearing part that can become worn out and in some cases leak. When this happens it will be time to replace the shock absorber.

  • This does not apply to the models fitted with air suspension.

There is a bit of a trap with the replacement options for the shock absorbers in these. The unique design made by Jeep for shock absorbers means that aftermarket options are often inferior. The Jeep Shock has in internal bump stop. This is unique to the Jeep Grand Cherokee and unfortunately to date we have not come across an aftermarket shock absorber brand that is up to the task.

Often customers will bring their Jeep to us after having had the suspension replaced with their regular service centre. Instantly the vehicle has developed an annoying knocking noise. It’s a sound very similar to a worn out drop link or sway bar link ball joint. To remedy this the aftermarket shock absorber needs to be removed and genuine Jeep Shocks fitted.

Fortunately the price for these are not as ludicrous as one would think and in some cases the Jeep product is even cheaper than the aftermarket options.

Unless your raising the suspension or in any other way replacing the internal bump stop design, we advise Genuine Jeep only product.

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