Jeep Grand Cherokee Coolant Leak

Jeep expert SydneyIt is very common for Jeeps to develop coolant leaks. These can start from a number of locations however the most common one is a pesky little piece of Hose right in the Valley.
The coolant will begin to leak out the back of the engine and over the transmission bell-housing. The genuine Jeep part needed will set you back about $900 however if you can get in there and remove the banjo bolt required you can replace the faulty piece of heater hose and reuse the banjo bolt. This should cost you little more than a few dollars. However be warned the labour and work involved to get in there is not for the faint hearted.
The entire inlet manifold and associated equipment need to be removed in-order to access it. This is a relatively complex job and should not be carried out by someone who is not confident with these systems. Part of the work required does include removing high pressure fuel system lines.
Jeep Grand Cherokee Coolant leakTime wise a confident mechanic will need around ten hours to do this job. Someone who knows these vehicles inside out will be able to do this in less time.
The cost for this is mostly in the labour as stated above the part itself can be replaced for fairly low cost (unless you insist on using the genuine Jeep part)
Once this repair has been carried out it is advised to have the cooling system flushed and new coolant fitted. Additionally this is an ideal time to inspect and if needed replace the commonly faulty oil cooler housing. You can get more information on this fault by clicking here.
Images: The top image here shows the manifold removed to access the hose. The bottom image shows the hose itself.
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