Jeep Grand Cherokee Common Fault: Alternator

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is known for several common faults.
The most common of these is the issue surrounding the alternator.

The alternators on these are known for failing. The bearing often locks up causing the vehicle to spit the drive belt. if this happens get the vehicle towed to a repairer.
The lack of a drive belt will cause the vehicle to overheat.
In many cases it does not spit the drive belt however the alternator stops charging the vehicles electrical system. This can cause the warning lights to come onto the dash and the check engine light to come on.
Because the Jeep operates so many electrical features you normally don’t have to long from the time this occurs to the point of break down.
It is advised as soon as the warning lights come on to get to your nearest repairer to have this rectified.
The alternator is on the bottom of the engine on the drivers side. It’s not to much fun to replace but can be done by someone with moderate mechanical experience.
GDL Automotive Services is a Northern Beaches based mechanical repair workshop with a decade of experience with the brand.
Our team of technicians have a range of experience from Audi, Volvo, Land Rover and even one of our techs came from the Local Jeep dealership that is now rumoured t be closing down. There is nothing the dealership was doing for you that we can not. It will not void your warranty, it will be a fraction of the cost and you will experience some decent customer service. Get your Jeep serviced with GDL Automotive Services
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