Jeep Eco Diesel Oil in Coolant

There is a very common fault with the eco diesel engines fitted to a variety of the models in the Jeep range. This fault is the failure of engine oil cooler and it can cause some very major symptoms very quickly once this happens.
It is a frequently occurring fault so if you own one, more than likely at some point n the life of the vehicle you will come across this issue. The Engine oil cooler fails internally. It forces the engine oil to enter the cooling system and very quickly the coolant becomes a chocolate milkshake. The oil in the system then causes the coolant hoses to perish very quickly and can cause blockages in the radiator and hearer core causing over heating issues.
The symptoms are the same as that of a blown head gasket however in most cases the oil and coolant mixing on an eco Jeep is not a blown head gasket. Its actually this oil cooler.
Jeep Blown head gasket In short these is little good news here. The cooler is located on the passenger side of the engine (right hand drive vehicles) it’s not much fun to change and its rather expensive.
At the time of writing this there are no aftermarket options available through local suppliers however you can get them on E-bay. The Genuine Jeep part will cost you around $2500 for the part alone. It comes with the plastic oil filter housing included.
Whilst this does break the bank it is our advise to use the genuine part. e-bay parts of unknown quality can cause major engine problems latter. The valving for the oil filter must be correct and its possible that some one in a tin shed in a questionable country may not have got this right and then people are willing to bolt this onto a sixty thousand dollar car.
Once the part is replaced an engine oil change will be needed and a complete on car coolant flush will be required.

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