Jeep Diesel Engine Failure

It has become apparent that the 3.0 Diesel engine fitted to the Jeep Grand Cherokee is common for complete bearing failure at kilometres between 80,000kms and 110,000kms.
At this stage we are still researching as to the exact cause of this with many factors to take into account. The current situation is, we know this is a common fault but are yet to establish why.
We are looking into this within the Jeep owners communities and our contacts within Jeep themselves.

Possible Factors contributing to this engine failure include.
– DPF Burns
– Diesel fuel levels in the sump
– Towing frequency and weights being towed
– Oil grade
– Bearing tolerances
– Failure as a result of overheating
– Oil Change intervals

Majority of these possible causes can be eliminated by ensuring that the service intervals on these vehicles is frequent.
As such we are currently advising all owners of the 3.0 Diesel engine to increase the oil change frequency to every 5,000 kms or six months which ever occurs first.
Do not wait for the dash to tell you 100%.

This is an extreme measure however the finical ramifications of an engine failure are a possible $22,000 -$27,000 engine (if we can source one, they are becoming harder and harder to find as this fault is becoming more and more common)

Once we know more we will be able to amend this advise.…

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