How Poo Gets Into Your Car

Our title is marginally misleading but changes nothing. This blog post surrounds how faeces particles that find themselves floating around inside your vehicle and what the manufacturers have done to combat the small poo follicles that you and your family are breathing in.
In years past the air that comes through your air conditioning and heating system was taken through the dash after it flowed across your bonnet. Following a beat up Toyota Hi-Ace packed full of scrap metal and burring oil at a rate of ten litres per one hundred kilometres, results in the black sooty smoke coming straight through your air con system and to your pimple faced asthmatic adolescent that struggles to breath for the duration you followed said Toyota.
Manufactures have attempted to combat this. They claim to be creating vehicles that are more consumer friendly and reduce pollen and other such garbage thats floating around in the air before it gets pumped through your air con and into your lungs. How true this is, we don’t know.

To stop this problem the manufactures created and implemented the fitment of whats called a cabin filter in cars. They care also referred to as pollen filters, air con filters or charcoal filters. Almost every car made after the year 2000 and released in Australia has one fitted. Just because you or your mechanic can’t find it, does not mean its not there.  In most cases these are located behind the glovebox but not always. A lot of european vehicles have them fitted in the engine bay and so do Holden Commodores. Mazda 3’s even have one, just because its hard to get to does not mean its not there.
Its important to note here that most service schedules released by manufactures don’t list this item as an item that needs to be checked or replaced. The result is that whilst your car is in getting a service, a bloke in a suit and tie makes commission on selling you garbage your car does not need.

Air con disinfectant is completely useless if your pollen filter is sewage plant. It’s not uncommon for us to look at a pollen filter on a vehicle that has come from a capped price service and discover that its never been looked at let alone changed. Further argument that your cheap, capped price service is actually about as effective as Malaysian airlines.
If you want your car in top condition and not giving your family strange diseases that have yet to be identified by the Medical Board of Australia, make sure you find a mechanic that bothers to check your pollen filter. These filters do serve a purpose and are very efficient at filtering the air that comes into the vehicle.  Our pictures attached to this article demonstrate how well these filters work. Unfortunately like a lot of other issues within the automotive trade they are overlooked. Next time someone tries to sell you a money grabbing air con disinfectant ask what condition your pollen filter is in. Replacing a Pollen filter that’s growing a small colony of filth and mould is far more effective at removing odours than a $99 aerosol can.

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