Honda Accord Euro Check Engine Light After Alternator Replaced

This article only relates to the seventh generation of the Accord, those sold in Australia between 2002- 2007.
The Accord Euro is common for having the alternators fail in them. It’s not a huge job to replace but it’s also not the easiest of tasks. The easiest way is to remove the drive belt then the power steering supply line. Remove the power steering pump and move the pump out of the way whilst leaving the high pressure lines connected.
Then pull the alternator out and with a bit of twisting and swearing you can get it out. If I recall correctly some mild massaging of the air conditioning lines is required to allow the alternator to clear, then reassemble in the reverse order and replace the power steering O-ring.
Check engine warning lights can come on after this job has been done. It can also bring the battery light back on. The reason for this, many aftermarket alternators to not have the correct resistance inside the alternators. You have two options, if this has happened. Ignore the light and live with it. The problem with this is you will need know if there are any other faults in it as the check engine light will always be on.
Option two is the genuine Honda part is required. This can often be twice the price but it’s the only logical solution. Some computer savvy technicians have experimented with changing the parameters in the ECU (electronic control unit) this is risky behaviour as blowing an ECU is four times the cost to replace than a genuine Honda alternator.
If your fortunate enough to be reading this before doing the job. Go genuine, pay the price and sleep at night knowing your Accord Euro is amazing.

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