Honda CRV Wobble When Accelerating

The Honda CRV is an exceptional vehicle and we highly recommend them to our clients. They do have a couple of common faults which we have covered in various articles. If you wish to have a look at those you can view them on our Honda page of our blog.
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One of the common issues with the CRV is a wobble the vehicle can develop whilst accelerating. The sensation the vehicle gives is a side to side pulling feeling but only whilst accelerating. This fault is not specific to the CRV, it is also found in many Subarus, front wheel drive Fords and some Mazdas. The issue is caused but the inner CV joint. The joint dries out and develops pitting in the casing of the CV joint. This allows for excess movement inside the joint. All of this is very minute and won’t be visible to the naked eye.
However the fault can easily be rectified by replacing the front CV joints or the complete front drive shafts depending on how much work you want to get involved in. Be warned the fault returns very rapidly and sometimes instantly if genuine Honda parts are not used for this job. In some repair jobs you can use aftermarket parts and not have a problem. This is not one of them. Put a genuine Honda CV joint or drive shaft in it and you wobble will be gone.
Please note we are not referring to the tail shaft. The tail shaft runs from the transmission to the final drive also called a rear diff. The shafts and joints in question here are the two front ones that take drive from the transmission to the front wheels. The joints at fault are the inner ones, that is to say the two that are closes to the transmission.


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