Glens R32 Skyline

glenBefore the days of GDL we found ourselves caught up in the booming import and drift car scene that was sling shot upon us after the release of the “Fast and the Furious” films. Whilst we did not run our little enterprise back in those days, that did not stop us from getting involved in some really enjoyable builds of some top street cars. This is one such car.
It has to be said here that we had very little to actually do with this build. We were close friends with the owner and builder Glen (whom we have blogged about in the past) At the time Glen was an apprentice spray painter and was beginning to show some very serious potential in his early years in the trade.
If it could be painted Glen gave it a go. He was known for driving a kitted up Honda Prelude that was never the same colour long as he experimented when ever he had the chance.
Finally Glen parted with the Prelude for some amazing amount given that car had about a centimeter of paint on it now and he bagged himself a black R32 Skyline running a Stock RB20DET with some very expected mods. Sports exhaust, blow off valve and a front mount intercooler. This was fine for a while.
It then came to pass that the car was involved in a multiple car collision one night and the exact cause or fault of this will probably go to the grave with Glen. Nonetheless it was the start of a serious transformation.
The Skyline was completely stripped. The RB20 was thrown in the bin but not before a RB25DET was located and every possible part of it painted. Complete timing belt kit and water pump replaced and those crazy manifolds fitted. The clutch and gearbox were fitted to the back of the motor and then it all sat in his garage for a few weeks.
glen3The shell was taken to his work where it got a complete top to bottom spray in the custom orange that Glen mixed up. A funky spin off of the Ford Focus orange. Once the shell was back home the car was put back together over the next few weeks, and wired up. Everything from brake calipers to diff ho
usings got a lick of paint.
Once running Glen had the car sent to a local tuner who wired up the custom ECU and tweaked what was now a very tough street car.
Full credit to Glen on this build as he did almost the entire thing himself, learnt a lot on the way and had a lot of fun. Since this car, Glen has developed a reputation for his skill with paint work and his ability to build top attention to detail street cars.

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