180SX S15 Steering Rack Upgrade

For some the idea of hearing a long winded explanation on how to fit a S15 steering rack into a 180SX sounds about as exciting as year eight geography excursion. We agree it’s a boring straight forward job that most spanner wielding monkeys could perform. That’s not why were blogging about it.
Over the past months we have experimented with the medium of film. Our self help videos are slowly generating traffic to our website and Facebook page. The videos as previously blogged about are part of our marketing campaign and allow viewers to become familiar with the team. It’s effectively relationship building and we have seen it working.
Some feedback from some viewers is that they want to see some of the work we do in the workshop on film. Given that the cost to create such films is only really time and we are doing the work anyway. We figured it was worth a shot. As with most things it has to be tried and tested for content, engagement and against the true test in marketing, time.
With many films in the making such as the complete stripping of a Nissan R33 Skyline, STI upgrades for a Subaru GT Forester and several build videos of the next 180SX project. We finally have one ready for release. Its the steering rack fitment to Project 180.
Consensus from those who helped compile and do the work, is that it is not very engaging. We are new to this and the most fun with this stuff is the learning and development of what works and what does not.
We also discovered rather quickly the issues that arise when using music over the top of such films as copyright laws are something we much adhere to. So here is the first film. Let us know what you think.

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