Ford Mondeo Transmission Fault

The Power shift transmission is an ongoing problem with all Fords fitted with he power shift transmission we have covered the technical side to that fault in this article here.
The Problem plaguing the Mondeos is a little bit different. The fault that often occurs is a check engine light comes on and the car shudders or jumps around whilst driving. The fault codes will normally be for shift solinoids either stuck open or stuck closed.
What has actually occurred is the plastic surrounds of the clutch packs shatter, this sends small parts of plastic throughout the transmission which can become lodged in the solidionds preventing them from doing their job. Some repair shops are willing to open the transmissions up, remove the offending clunks of broken plastic and put it back together. Unfortunately this repair does not prevent the fault from reoccurring ten kilometres down the road.
Ford Mondeo Check Engine Light The correct repair for this is a full transmission rebuild however even aftermarket companies are still making these components from plastic, again causing the risk of the fault reoccurring in the future.
A solution would be for these plastic components to be made from aluminium however, to date no manufacturers has developed them for this particular vehicle.
In many cases the cost to repair the transmission exceeds the value of the vehicle causing many customers to opt to not repair the transmission and sell the car to a scrap yard instead.
Unfortunately to date there is no real ideal scenario to repair these transmissions with the replacement parts still made of plastic. Its one of the few things in the automotive industry that simply does not have an ideal repair. Even if there were the cost of rebuilding a transmission in one of these is often not worth it.
It’s hardly surprising that the wreaking yards have an abundance of these cars.
The best course of action we advise if you do have this particular fault is to get the repair carried out with new parts. Second hand boxes are more likely to have the same fault and the labour to put a faulty gear box back int he car is quite high. Whilst the plastic clutch packs are likely to fail again it will be several thousand kilometres before its likely to reoccur.

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