Discovery Sport No Engine Restarts

A common fault with the Land Rover Discovery Sport is a warning that comes up in orange on the dash that reads “No engine restarts in XXXkms”

This fault is caused by an issue with the vehicles add blue system. There are a number of possible causes for this. The most common one is the injector itself is faulty. The injector is located in the exhaust pipe just behind the engine. The add blue injector often fails.

Replacing the injector itself is a fairly straight forward operation however the difficulty lies with getting the system to bleed itself of air and prime. This requires a specialty diagnostic scan computer. And even then not all of them work. With many clients needing to take the vehicle to a Land rover dealership to get the system bleed and purged.

Note: Some aftermarket scan tools will do this procedure however it will only work if there are no other fault codes stored in the ECU.…

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