Disaster Strikes Again

smashed_woo_49796c4b957670630bfbef82601654a7After pouring countless hours of blood, sweat and tears into building a car you anticipate your reaction should someone damage that car intentionally or otherwise. You always hope it never happens, but in your mind you run through your outburst of rage when someone undoes all that hard work.
The reality for me was that when this did happen, which it did happen, was I actually rather calm about it.
I had picked up a clients car and had left THE WOO at her place. Whilst I had her car I took a call from her partner who was very sheepishly informing me he had reversed up his drive and ploughed his alloy tray ute into the rear of my car. I processed it all rather quickly and somehow came to the rapid conclusion that it was just a car and it did not matter that much.
The following weeks were rather stressful and pushed me to the same point the cat peeing on the Christmas cards pushed me. The reason for that was not the damage itself but the insurance company would not take the art work on the car into account when valuing the car, so I effectively had a $500 bomb of a car that owed me up to $20K in paint and upgrades. This meant it was more than likely the car would be written off and I would be forced to start again. After two stressful weeks I was told it was to be repaired and another two weeks for it to get fixed. But we had THE WOO back.

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