Airbrushed Art

dannie1_200a77b8c798850bfa4d33825a2435a4The culture that the “Fast and Furious” franchise depicts surrounding the modified car world is real, most people probably know that. What they may not know is in a very similar way to the clothing industry styles of vehicle modification come in and out of fashion as often as the sun rises.
Now we are no experts in the constantly changing modified car world but we do still have our finger on the pulse and know a bit about whats coming and going. We wont bombard you with jargon but we have seen that some modification and styles do cycle. That is to say something will be “in” and then not and in five years time its “in”again.
bonnet2Ten years ago airbrush art on your car was something a lot of serious show car builders were doing. All sorts of artistic awesomeness was on display across shows like AutoSalon and Summernats and we truly believed it was a come and go kind of thing for this culture, it would seem that it is not, as it has not come back into fashion for over ten years now.
Almost ten years ago I built my first car on a limited budget, limited taste and very limited skill set. The trusty VL Commodore in the picture at the top of this post was built using my mates back yards and over many years. I have built three cars since, all of which were done with much better taste.
bonnetThe building of that first car happened in the peak of airbrush art hype and so I got in on it. The bonnet got a serious dose of some amazing art. Throughout the rest of the cars life it got a major engine transplant and changed from an automatic to a manual. It was crashed a few times and fixed at home but in the end rust killed this car and we stripped it to build the second of my cars. The bonnet was also one of the items that survived and to this day many years on the bonnet still hangs on the wall in my workshop. Airbrush art never went out of fashion for me.

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