Customer’s Cars – John’s Daihatsu Cuore

I’m thrilled to share the journey of John’s Daihatsu Cuore with you. While it was in for a Timing belt we filmed a little segment on this great little car.

Over the past six months of ownership, John has taken this car from a standard stock vehicle to something a bit special. You might recognize these cars from the likes of Mighty Car Mods, but he has been determined to make it uniquely his.

So, let’s dive into what mods the Cuore has undergone. From B.C. Coil Overs to authentic Suzuki wheels imported from Japan, a custom interior – complete with the carpets from your childhood!, JBL sound system, a ten-inch screen, dark tints, front sway bars, and more – it’s had a nice array upgrades to make it stand out and perform.

John snagged it in its one owner bone-stock state from a dealer who had acquired it in as a trade in from somebody’s nan. After an long six-to-twelve-month search, he finally found this clean, low-mileage gem that wasn’t completely trashed. Not a total project for John but one he could use as a canvas to gradually enhance.

The wheels! Magnificent period correct styling. Fifteen inches by five wide, with a 45 offset, these Suzuki genuine wheels from the ’90s were an optional extra. John isn’t usually a fan of chrome, but for this car, it just felt right – a touch of Sex Spec and JDM that perfectly matches the overall vibe.

Now, let’s step inside. John notes that it’s an automatic, a beautiful three-speed that needed a bit of love when he first got it. After a few rounds of auto box flushing with some Penrite mineral oil, it’s shifting like a dream. The full JL sound system, featuring C2s in the front doors, six by nines in the parcel shelf, and a punchy ten-inch sub powered by a 700-watt, five-channel amp, turns this nugget into a cruiser with clean crisp sound with the bass to back it up.

John, being a car enthusiast, isn’t stopping here. He’s eyeing up potential future upgrades sourced from Japan. Seats, a MOMO steering wheel, and who knows what else might find their way into this glorious little build. Down the line, there’s even talk of a 1.3-liter swap from a Sirion Gtvi – a common upgrade that promises more power and excitement.

If you want to show you ride off, give us a message on our socials or drop by, we’d love to feature your car on our socials!

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