Aftermarket DPF Units – A Cautionary Tale

If you own a diesel vehicle, the term “DPF” might sound familiar. DPF, or Diesel Particulate Filter, is a crucial component of the exhaust system designed to comply with emission laws. However, our recent real world experiences underscore a significant warning: stay clear of aftermarket DPF units. In this post, we’ll delve into the pitfalls of opting for non-genuine DPFs.

Diesel vehicles operating in Australia must adhere to strict emission laws, and the DPF plays a role in meeting these requirements. The DPF, or diesel particulate filter, is designed to trap and remove particulate matter from the exhaust, reducing harmful emissions. Legally mandated, DPF units are essential for keeping diesel vehicles compliant with Australian emission standards.

Despite the necessity of genuine DPF units, some diesel owners may be tempted to explore aftermarket options as a cost-saving measure. However, our recent experiences across various vehicle brands and models. Whether it’s a Jeep Grand Cherokee, a diesel Subaru Outback, or a Mitsubishi Triton, the message is clear: opting for aftermarket DPF units can lead to more than unsatisfactory performance.

In numerous cases, diesel vehicles fitted with aftermarket DPF units exhibited smoke billowing from the exhaust and subsequent operational issues plagued owners who thought they could save some money. The aftermarket DPF gamble proved costly, both in terms of performance and finances.

Our Advice even though costly is do not compromise on DPF quality. The risks associated with aftermarket units, including smoke emissions and drivability issues, can result in significant expenses for the vehicle owner. Genuine DPF units, designed by the manufacturer, are proven to meet the standards required for Australian diesel vehicles and apparently Australian fuel.

One common thread among aftermarket DPF suppliers is the claim that Australian fuels are not up to standard. However, We dismiss this excuse, asserting that genuine DPF units perform seamlessly with the same fuel. Once we have installed the genuine part all the problems assosiated with the aftermarket unit dissapear. When faced with complaints, aftermarket suppliers offer a litany of reasons, but the one that stands out is: aftermarket DPF units are not fit for Australian fuel or the market. Then what is their purpose?

Cutting corners with non-genuine DPFs may seem like a tempting financial decision, but the consequences far outweigh the initial savings. To ensure a trouble-free experience and compliance with emission laws, opt for genuine, manufacturer-approved solutions…Unless you want to increase performance and prolong the life of your motor then go away with the Emissions system entirely. Give us a ring on 9987 2818 for Solutions to your DPF issues.

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