Bush Fire smoke and your car

In the past three months our major cities have been engulfed in bush fire smoke. No surprises there as almost everyone has experienced this. Now as the disaster appears to be drawing to an end there is a minor issue that Ost motorists need to address, even more so if they suffer from respiratory issues including asthma, hay fever and allergies.
Most modern vehicles have a filter in the air-conditioning system that catches small particles and prevents it from entering your vehicle through the air conditioning system. These filters work very well however they do require frequent replacement and servicing of the air-conditioning system.
We have covered the replacement of these filter in the past. You can catch up on this literary masterpiece by clicking here.
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The circumstances for the need to replace this filter have changed a little in recent months with the amount of smoke and ash in the air after the devastating bushfires that have swept the country. We in Sydney have been blessed but eh hard work of our fire fighters and have avoided much of the devastation.
Compares to what others have lost the need to replace a cabin filter amounts to insignificance however we do advise that all Sydney residents get this filter replaced in their car as soon as practically possible. This is often considered preventative maintenance however after the crazy smoke days Sydney has recently experienced we suggest this is less preventative and more about insuring the upkeep and longevity of your vehicle.
The cost of this can fluctuate depends on the vehicle you have. In most cases the filter should only cost you around $50 plus some labour to access the filter. Again depending on the vehicle the labour involved can be anywhere between ten minutes to an hour. In extreme cases it can be advised that the air condition system be treated with a disinfectant too.
If you wish to inquire about the price of this fro you car or book in for this filter replacement please call
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