How To Avoid Depreciation On A New Car Purchase.

There are many tricks that cunning accountants can play when big business purchase a vehicle but what can the average Australian do to try and save money when purchasing a new car.
We have covered in a previous article, tactics that consumers can use when buying a new car to try and get the best price on a new car you can view this article by clicking here. What we are talking about here is actually getting a good purchase price, rather we are looking at how to reduce depreciation no matter the price you paid.
As we jokingly mentioned in the opening sentence one tactic is to get your account to cleverly write this off in a business context. But for those of us who don’t have that option there is really only one possible solution to this.
The answer here is don’t buy the car brand new. Depreciation of what is for most, the second most valuable asset can hurt any consumer, so to avoid this we advise not buying the car “off the show room floor”. You can still have a near new vehicle with minimal kilometres after someone else has taken the finical blow of depreciation. In many cases a demonstrated vehicle is the advised option here. Sure you won’t be the first and only person to drive the car but if you take into consideration a possible thirty percent saving and tens of thousands of dollars (on some vehicles) how much does that really matter to you.
How to get a best price on a new carMost makes and models will have a demonstrator vehicle, its just a matter of timing if you are willing to wait for the dealership to be finished with it and hope they call you first. The other alternative is to use a vehicle broker. A vehicle broker will have network, often on a national scale and will be able to get you what you are after with low kilometres for a significant saving. This is due to bulk buying power and the size of the network.
This is our preferred method of purchasing a new vehicle. We advise buying something with less than 40,000kms on it for up to thirty percent cheaper than the recommended retail price.
GDL Automotive has a partnership with Premium Car search. Deb and Adrian are vehicle brokers and will source you the vehicle you are after which meets the criteria we just covered. You can view their website by clicking here. (Be sure to mention you come from GDL Automotive)

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