Audi Recalls Nearly 8000 Cars in Australia Over Sudden Power Loss Concerns

Audi Australia is facing a major recall issue as it calls back 7758 vehicles, including the Audi A3 small car and Q2 small SUV models, due to a critical defect that poses a risk of sudden loss of engine power. This unexpected flaw has prompted a safety recall, potentially affecting Audi vehicles built between 2019 and 2023. This article delves into the details of this recall and its implications for Audi owners in Australia.

The Recall Notice

The recall notice, officially registered with the Department of Infrastructure, outlines the nature of the problem. It identifies a fuse box wiring fault as the root cause of the issue. Specifically, an installation defect may lead to the internal fuse box wiring harness becoming loose. Consequently, this defect can result in several critical issues for drivers.

Impact on Vehicle Operation

If the internal fuse box wiring harness becomes loose, it can trigger a series of problems while driving an affected Audi vehicle. These problems may include:

  1. Instrument Cluster Failure: The instrument cluster, which displays critical information to the driver, may fail to illuminate, causing a significant loss of information regarding the vehicle’s performance.
  2. Lighting System Issues: Both internal and external lamps may switch off unexpectedly, leading to a sudden loss of visibility for the driver.
  3. Loss of Engine Power: The most concerning aspect of this defect is that it can lead to a sudden loss of motive power while the vehicle is in motion. This poses a significant safety risk to both vehicle occupants and other road users.

Safety Concerns

The recall notice emphasizes that a sudden loss of motive power and compromised visibility can significantly increase the risk of accidents. Such accidents could result in serious injuries or even fatalities.

Remedy and Safety Assurance

Audi Australia has taken swift action to rectify the issue. The remedy involves a straightforward check to verify that the connector is fastened correctly. If needed, the connector will be refastened, ensuring that the wiring harness remains secure and functional. The process can be quickly completed at an authorized Audi dealership.

Fortunately, as of now, there have been no reports of this fault occurring in Australia. Audi Australia is actively reaching out to owners affected by the recall to coordinate with their nearest authorized Audi dealership for the necessary repair work. Importantly, this service will be provided free of charge to the vehicle owners.

Contact Information for Audi Owners

Owners of Audi A3 and Q2 models built between 2019 and 2023 can obtain further information or seek assistance from Audi Australia by calling 1800 502 834 or emailing

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