12 Cars Of Christmas

Our top Pick of the best Vehicles on the market right now.

Those who review new or even used cars are not the guys that are seeing these cars day in day out for years. They are not seeing the mechanical failures that come with them and are advising consumers to buy cars that frankly are trash.
No one ever should be shelling out coin for a four cylinder Ford Falcon or a BMW known for spewing oil and coolant at the first sign of any hard work. Here is a list of actual decent cars in the used car space. The list is based off mechanical reliability and that’s it. No kick backs from manufactures or the need to push plastic garbage at consumers.

If its decent, it made the list.

  1. Kia Rio
    The Kia brand as a whole is our top pick for new and used vehicles. Mechanically very sound vehicles that are backed by a manufactures seven year warranty. Currently the only brand on the market to offer such a warranty. There is very little that goes wrong with these vehicles and whilst they used to be dull, in recent times kia has stepped up the styling and features making this our top pick of quality vehicles on the market.
  2. Hyundai i30.
    It should come as no surprise the Kia and Hyundai are side by side on our list. Mechanically they are almost the same car. Both vehicles come from Korea and are produced in the same factory. Many parts come branded with both logos. They Hyundai i30 only known fault is the steering gear issues. Which you can read up on by clicking here
  3. Subaru Imprezza
    This does cover many years with of the Impreza release however overall the bnrand and the vehicle have been very reliable. The engine most likely to make it to five hundred thousand kilometres with minimal issues is the Subaru boxer. Just have to watch out for oil leaks from head gaskets.
  4. Mazda 3.
    The Mazda 3 is one of the most popular cars on the road and is mechanically very reliable. Styling and features that make this less like driving a tissue box and more like driving a low cost sports car make this the fun option over the kia and Hyundai. The Mazda do have some common issues including engine mount failure, suspension noises and a brake master cylinder that leaks.
  5. Mazda 2
    Probably too small for most owners but literally nothing goes wrong with these vehicles. Yes you may look like you’re driving a car owned by a 16 yearly girl but your bank balance will thank you for it. The only known issue with the Mazda 2 is the intermediate shaft on the steering column wears out.
  6. Toyota Corolla
    Mechanics for years have been saying to buy Toyota. In more recent years they have lost a bit of the reliability they were known for. Again the vehicle can be dull and boring as many of the features are removed from the base line models. It is a case of less bells and whistles means less things to go wrong. If you’re happy to drive a car that looks like a block of wood with doors painted on, this is the car for you.

  7. Honda Jazz.
    We are probably bias on this one as we own one. The fuel economy of this vehicle surprises even us. It is the cheapest car in our fleet to run. The Jazz has some fun features including the fold up back seats. Watch out for the older ones that have a known problem with the CVT Transmission.
  8. Suzuki swift
    Another vehicle that was popular with the young ladies and mechanically very sound. Also known for a few issues with the automatic/ CVT transmission. Otherwise a very good car. No timing belts and good fuel economy means cheap running costs. The manuals are known for a fault with the clutch fork design making the manuals a little less reliable.
  9. Honda CRV.
    The big brother to the Jazz. With a more powerful 2.4 engine. This car is our top pick if you need something bigger for the family and running the kids around. Known issues are the front suspension and the rear diff oil causing a binding sensation.
  10. Toyota Yaris
    This car is the little brother to the corolla. Its about as exciting as a handkerchief but very little goes wrong. Much smaller than the corolla so be mindful of boot space before committing to these cars when you have to fit baby seats into it.
  11. Isuzu D-Max
    Mechanically the best ute currently on the market. The MUX is also mechanically the same vehicle just a SUV. We have not seen a single fault with these yet. The only costs affiliated with them is the need to repack the wheel bearings every 40,000Kms.
  12. Kia Carnival
    If you have to embrace the soccer mum lifestyle and run kids two and from all sorts of events whilst Mcdonnalds sweet and sour sauce slowly solidifies in the back seat carpet then this is the car you need. Be sure to check it fits the garage before you commit to buying, they are long. Mechanically not much goes wrong and are our top pick for family vans/ people movers.

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