Why Should I Service My Car Every Six Months?

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  1. A well tuned engine uses less fuel and produces less emissions.
    Frequent replacement of spark plugs, fuel filters and Air filters ensure that your vehicle is running at its best. This will result in a more fuel efficient vehicle which over a twelve month period does work out to be financially beneficial for you.
  2. Engine oil loses its effectiveness over time. It needs to be replaced regularly to extend engine life.
    Engine oil has three jobs. It lubricates, it acts as a cooling agent and most importantly it cleans. over time even the vehicle has not been driven, the engine oil looses its ability to do these important tasks. This is why engine oil has a shelf life. Its imperative that the oil is regularly replaced to prevent costly damage to your engine.
  3. Leaking oil or other fluids can cause a costly major breakdown or accident.
    At routine service your mechanic will inspect your vehicle and bring to your attention issues that if left uncheck can cause major and catastrophic engine failure. These failures can end up costing you thousands of dollars.
  4. Brakes must be checked and adjusted regularly to ensure roadworthiness and safety.
    Work out brake pads, hydraulic lines and cylinders can cause brake failures This can cause huge damages and possibly death if left unchecked.
  5. All moving parts must be lubricated to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.
    There are more lubricated components than just the engine. Vehicle transmissions, power steering systems, brake systems, differentials, cooling systems and alike all require the same fluid replacements that the engine does.
  6. Loose belts can cause engine failure and damage.
    The greatest damage caused to an engine is the failure of a timing belt. When this part fails it turns the motor into a complete blending. This damage is completely avoidable by have the belt replaced at routine intervals.
  7. Lights must be frequently checked and adjusted for legal and safe operation.
    Whilst obvious this is the most frequently missed item of owners routine maintenance of their vehicle.
  8. Tyres should be checked and inflated to correct pressure to extend their life.
    Tyre replacement is one of the most costly aspects to owning a vehicle and often are worn out prematurely due to poor maintenance. Frequent checking of tyre pressures, wheel alignment and rotating the tyres will maximise the life of the tyres as well as keep your fuel consumption at a minimum.
  9. Steering and suspension components should be checked to extend their life.
    Many wearing components on a car are part of the suspension and steering components. When these where out they cause the vehicle to handle poorly and wear out tyres prematurely.
  10. Regular servicing, documented in your Log Book enhances the resale value of your vehicle.
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Many manufactures are now recommending much longer service intervals we actually advise against this. We have covered why in this article.

The Trouble with Long service Intervals.

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