Why Mazda 3 Tail lights Melt.

Have you ever been driving behind a Mazda 3 hatch back and noticed the glowing red taillights also have a spot of white at the top of them. Have you come across this same faulty in your own Mazda 3. The issue here is an electrical one that lies with the taillight globe socket. This  caused the globes to glow far to hot, it can cause the globe to melt and then if left to long can cause the tail light lens itself to melt.
If you are at the stage of the lens it self melting the damage has already been done and the only fix for this is new tail lights, however when you replace the lights we advise replacing the brake light bulb sockets too. it is important to buy these items genuine off Mazda. Mazda have rectified the fault in the socket so it will not occur again.
If you choose to use after market tail light globe sockets the fault may reoccur costing you another set of til light lenses.
Mazda 3 melted tail light faultIn new south wales this fault is reason a motor vehicle should not pass rego. You can not have white light from any tail lights except for reverse.
if this fault has not yet occurred to your Mazda three we advise getting it checked by your mechanic and if in doubt replace the globe sockets. The sockets themselves are fairly cheap where as the replacement lenses can be rather expensive.

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