Why Are There Ants in My Honda Accord?

Given that three of our eight staff members were poached from Honda we do have a level of inside scoop on common problems with a range of Hondas.
One of the less commonly known one is this particular beauty surrounding ants in Hondas.
There have been reports of this problem happening with a few different Hondas however we have only seen this to date with the Accord Euro.
Most owners who experience this problem think nothing of it. Ants are not a new phenomenon and they can be ignored. The trouble is in this case there is a reason they are in your car and if ignored they can cost you a small fortune.
Ants in Honda AccordSo, now we get to the crux of the issue. Why are they there and what is the issue? It turns out that the glue that Honda use to hold the circuit boards together have some sort of component in it that ants find tasty. They get inside the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) this is the main computer that operates the whole car and they eat the glue.
The result of this is, once the glue is gone all the mini components inside the computers become a maraca. The check engine light comes on, you have well fed overweight ants and your car may not run.
The solution is, open the ECU up and run a bead of silicon around the edge of the ECU and reseal it. If its too late for you and a new ECU is getting fitted make sure who ever fits the new one does this sealing process to avoid the issue happening again.

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