Why Does My Honda Civic Always Need Brakes Replaced?

Honda is one of the best manufacturers to produce passenger vehicles and sell them to the Australian market. The Civic is one of their more popular vehicles and for generations now they have not given to much in the way of common faults.
The ninth generation is now making it to the used car market and as such consumers are doing their research to discover what common faults there are to watch out for. Honestly there is not many at all.
The FK which covers the ninth generation released between the years of 2012 and 2016 are produced in two different countries. The sedan is a vehicle produced in Thailand and the hatch is made in the UK.
There is almost nothing that goes into the common faults for this vehicle. The only thing for consumers to watch out for is the braking seat up.
Honda has opted for a European design and compound for both he disc rotors and the brake pads. The result is an exceptional brake response and feel however like all vehicles with European brakes fitted, they create an extraordinary level of brake dust, wear out quicker that most Japanese made vehicles and the rotors are so soft they nearly always can’t be machined. This means that on average every twenty to thirty thousand kilometres (subject to driving conditions) new brake pads and rotors are required. This creates a major increase in maintenance costs over the life of the vehicle when comparing this model civic to its older brothers.
However they have kept with the design of newer generations of Honda engines meaning that there are no timing belts to be replaced, in tank fuel filters and iridium spark plugs. All of which create reliable and low cost vehicles.
Whilst the FK has gone for a European look with body and styling it still rocks the Honda standard of one of the finest mechanical  machines one could buy. You just have decide if you like the hot hatch look or not.
We do advise consumers to buy these cars as they are very reliable. Just take into consideration the extra cost of the brakes.

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