What Car Should I Buy?

The best small cars:
The articles we have written in the past often focus on vehicles we feel have the mechanical finesse of a tube of toothpaste. This makes them easy to criticise and its lots of fun to do so. Recently, we have received lots of inquiries from people stating that whilst our website covers a lot of cars to avoid buying we have done very little to help people with what cars we advise you do look at purchasing.
We have covered some other vehicle categories in other blogs which can be found below.
The Best Family cars.
The Best Utes on the market
The Best commercial Vans on the market.
As a result we will give you a list of some things to look at buying. However first be warned, even the best car, which in our opinion is the Mazda 3, still has common fault with it. No car is exempt for faults and some will plague almost every car. There is no perfect car on the market.
Christian mechanicHere is our list of whats worth looking at. Please note this is also purely based off the vehicles mechanical reliability. It has nothing to do with personal taste, driver comfort, handling, fuel economy or any other purchasing factors. You will notice nothing from the European market makes our list. the reason for this can be explained buy reading some of our previous articles.
More details on each of these vehicles can be found in the blog articles in the subcategories for each one.
1. Mazda 3
2. Toyota Corolla
3. Hyundai i30
4. Toyota Echo
5. Toyota Yaris
6. Suzuki swift
7. Honda Civic
8. Honda Jazz
If you are in the market for a smaller cheap car and don’t want to have to replace a DSG gearbox every two years or rebuild your 1.4 Golf engine every eighteen months, have a look at the vehicles we have listed, one of them is bound to suit your needs.

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