We Took an Internet Scammer for a Ride

Only a few weeks back we published a blog on what to look out for when it comes to protecting yourself from scams that operate online, particularly with car selling platforms such as Gum Tree and Car Sales. Well a few short weeks latter we were selling a BMW for a client and were baited by one such scammer. I saw this as an opportunity to have a bit of fun and turn the fisherman into the fish so to speak. Check out how the email conversation went.
Prior knowledge needed 1. we had two cars listed on Gumtree at the time and our scammer never informed us which one we he was referring to 2. both cars we had listed on Gumtree for $5,500 3. the conversation started off with a single text message asking me to respond via email.
Its becomes somewhat hilarious.
blog scam2
blog scam3
It seems to have stopped for now. Awaiting stage two.

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