Volvo XC90 Power Steering Noise

The Volvo XC90 has some common faults with them that can make them a rather costly vehicle to maintain, especially once they get a little on in age. We have covered an overall look at the XC90 in a review we gave of the vehicle which you can find by clicking the link below.
Volvo XC90 Vehicle Review
One of the common faults with the XC90 relates to a noisy power steering system.
Symptoms for this start with a whine noise that starts from the car when turning the steering. Traditionally this starts off as a noise that only presents itself when the vehicle is cold.
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After starting the car up, driver note the noise and think “I should get that looked at”.
The next forty five minutes of those fresh mornings is spent with frustration as you sit in traffic, drink coffee from your thermos, watching construction workers causing traffic chaos whilst leaning on shovels and standing around in small groups. By the time you get into the office you have forgotten about that noise.
Volvo Mechanic Northern Beaches Sydney: Book now 9979 5933
Volvo Mechanic Northern BeachesThis cycle continues for months until the noise is present constantly.
What has happened?
Basically the rear and or front seal for the power steering pump is common for developing a slow leak. The oil runs down the engine block behind a plastic cover and is caught in the plastic under tray. Over time the leak gets worse and allows air into the power steering system.
Left even longer and the oil completely runs out. This fault does not leave oil stains one the driveway as the oil is caught in the under trays so the owner is none the wiser.
Eventually the lack of lubrication damages the pump internals and a replacement power steering pump is needed which can be up $1400 for the genuine replacement part.
If this leak is caught early, the existing pump can be overhauled for a fraction of the cost.
If you have a whine noise from your steering in your XC90, first step is check the oil level in the power steering system. If it’s getting low, get a mechanic to locate and repair the leak before a replacement pump is required.
GDL Automotive has a Volvo trained (Volvo Mechanic Northern Beaches) mechanic on staff with several years experience with Volvo, ready to help you with your Swedish ride.
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