Top Seven 4WDS for Families

Face it, you’re a soccer mum. Before you launch into a tirade of reasons why you are not and why the author of this article must be a sexist pig go and open the boot go your car. If any of the following items appear inside the boot space you fail the test.
-Any form of make up
-Dirty sports uniforms
– An order of service from a religious ceremony of any sort
– Any form of decaying food
– Pet food
– A sigle item of anything that should be a pair (socks, shoes, earrings)
– A missing accessory for a product released by Apple.
Fun fact, you can fall into the category of soccer mum without having an SUV, a full time job or even children. Certain women just make it into the stereotype based on the contents of their boot.
Now that we have finished discussing the contents of your trunk lets get to the facts. Soccer mum or otherwise many ladies we encounter have asked us to put together an article on the best family SUVs on the market and it seems crazy that we got this far without ever releasing this information. So here we go. According to myself, the top seven SUVs on the market.
Please note two things, before you write to me to criticise my opinions we need to establish first that I am the expert here and secondly I’m the one with a high ranking website, so I can write whatever I wish and if you don’t like it, feel free to spend eight years of your life building up a data base and website that you can post your opinions on.
Additionally this is purely based of mechanical faults and cost of servicing. Sure any Land Rover looks and drives the part but they also rob your first born of his university education in a year, every year.
1. Always our first pick is the Honda CRV.
It first needs to be said that the CRV is not suitable for off road use. Whilst it is technically a 4WD it is not built for river crossing, ripping out tree stumps or towing your teenage son on a boogie board.
The CRV is near perfect mechanically with very few common faults. Its great on fuel and the safety ratings of Honda are always high.
2. Toyota Klugar
If you can handle the fact that your driving a car that looks like a box of tissues, you can’t go past the Klugar. Its a bit dull and boring but mechanically is very sound. We own one of these and can’t fault it. Watch out for the vehicle chewing through tyres. The V6 engine has plenty of pull but watch the fuel bill, it smashes through petrol.
3. Toyota Rav4
A more stylish version of the Klugar, the Rav four is the little brother of the Klugar it comes with four cylinder engines beating the harsh fuel bills of its big brothers. Known for rear suspension faults and very expensive clutch replacements if you buy manuals. The Rav 4 is high on our list.
4. Subaru Forester
Not so much a 4WD but an All-Wheel Drive is pretty much everything made by Subaru. If you don’t need to be high up like the Klugar or the CRV we advise looking into the Forester. Its a fantastic car mechanically and runs a four cylinder boxer engine, keeping fuel costs low. The ultimate selling point is the space this car offers. Once the back seats fold down, surfboards, push bikes and coffins all fit in the back of a Subaru.
5. Nissan Pathfinder
The Pathfinder is nothing too spectacular. They are not bad but not overly exciting either. Cheap on fuel and good safety ratings keep them in the race. However be careful of buying an Automatic. The CVT transmissions fitted to these are proving to be somewhat problematic.
6. Hyundai ix35
All of Hyundais range is pretty good. The Ix35 comes in the cheapest on our list of vehicles. It feels like your driving a chest of drawers but it does get the job done. It gets you high up off the road, its cheap on fuel and comes with diesel options. They smash through tyres and do still run a timing belt on the petrol engines so watch for increased maintenance costs once they get a bit older.
7. Lexus RX350
Coming out of the same factory as Toyota the Lexus is an exceptional vehicle mechanically.
The Lexus 4WD range have the same issues and advantages the Toyotas have. Large fuel bills and frequent tyre replacement. But you get to pick the kids up from school in a Lexus.

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