The Only Thing That Matters When Buying a Car

It’s no secret that we here at GDL are not huge fans of Munich’s finest automobiles, the VW. We are frequently asked by clients for advice on new vehicle purchases that consumers are considering. Regular vehicles to make it onto the “are these any good” list include the Fiat Patriot, any Jeep, VWs, Audis and Peugeots and Skoda.
The list of desired cars consumers want is a direct result of years of clever marketing. The less desirable car manufacturers are jumping onto the band wagon rather late and coming up with some very average marketing campaigns, including some tosser making fun of people sitting at a bus stop (like its some sort of amazing new level of dealership customer service to offer a clint a loan car).
The fact is most of the cars that make it into the “should i buy this?” conversation, are generally poor choices. Secondhand Audis with over 100,000kms are always going to have a huge list of problems. And Jeep is expensive to maintain, new or old and Skoda is a low budget version of VW. Thats right, VW produced a lower quality product than a car that is already comparable to the Galexy Note 7.
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Vary rarely does any client come in and ask “so i’m looking at buying a Toyota Corolla, what do you think?”
Mechanic MonavaleAfter hundreds of hours advising clients what we feel would be wise mechanical choices the client goes off, and in majority of cases does the total opposite of what we advised. Second year uni students buy Audi A4s with one hundred million kilometers on it, retired senior citizens who only have a few months worth of driving left, purchase Citroen C3s and Mothers with 3 kids under ten buy Chrysler Voyagers. Why is this?
It comes down to one key thing surrounding purchasing and owning a new car. It’s you as the consumer that has to drive the car. You have to love it, you’re the one who needs to enjoy driving the car, enjoy what it says about you and be proud to have it sitting in your driveway (I’ve never met someone who is proud to own a Chrysler Voyager).
For most consumers the cost of the maintenance and the mechanical reliability come second to the creature comforts and the materialism that surrounds owing a car. Our advice given is always based off our mechanical knowledge but at the end of the day it’s you that has to drive the car every day. If you own the most mechanically sound car in the world but you hate it with a passion, what’s the point?
If you love the car that much, buy it and we will keep it running.

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