Thank you. We Hit $1Million.

11807252_968319306522804_7753104406412756390_oIf you took the time to visit the about us page on the GDL website you will discover some rather interesting facts about myself and the team. This information that is listed on our page is very deliberately done, arriving on a mechanics website, where it lists  qualifications and number of years experience is boring and useless information. Clients have assumed you’re qualified and care little for the number of years you have been destroying your hands, back and ear drums. What clients do respond to is information that establishes a relationship with the business and its employees. This information gives a prospective client a brief amount of knowledge about the people they may be dealing with and makes the introduction process very natural and comfortable.
As I’m writing this I flick back over to the About Us page and discover that in bold at the top of our page is a paragraph talking about how many years experience I have. Something we must remedy.
The point I’m getting to is located in the bottom right hand corner of that page where it states “claim to fame”. In there you discover my love for the film Aladdin. As a child, much like many other born in the same decade as myself,  this was one of my all time favourite films.  This film often had me fantasising as a child about having a lamp with the genie that could grant wishes. In our infant minds we all say the greatest financial amount our little brains can fathom… $1 million dollars.
11731969_968300526524682_8383627866000849109_oAt the time, this financial figure was a fairytale dream of unfathomable financial freedom. Now twenty five years on that unfathomable will land you an average house in the suburbs. As I have grown and matured the want for financial freedom has diminished, this was replaced with a drive to create things, to build organisations and to achieve. After leaving high school this showed itself with the establishment a building of a modified car club that with seven years of hard work became one of the largest in Australia. From there it became my automotive repair business which we have built over the past five years. From the outset  the $1million turnover milestone was an achievable goal but not the final one. Now after reaching that milestone we are looking to the next million and the growth of the business further.
To celebrate this milestone the business hosted a cocktail party recently and invited many of those who have joined us though the highs and the lows in the establishment and growth of the business.
So, if you have in anyway been part of our story so far, everyone from clients, tow truck drivers, marketing specialists,website builders or even accountants. We were carried on your shoulder to this point and we are very thankful to you for it. The embedded video is our little thank you message.

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