Rego Inspections Warriewood. What you need to know

Rego inspections Warriewood. Many consumers do not know nor understand the laws, their rights and the legal process involved in getting your rego inspections carried out. In this short film we address the common misunderstandings many consumers have surrounding this. Additionally we look at a few of the unethical practices going on in the industry and those who are outright breaking the law. Make you registration inspection booking now by clicking here.

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Rego Inspection WarriewoodHi everyone. Dannie from GDL Automotive Services doing another one of our video blogs this
afternoon. Today we’re looking at registration inspections in New South Wales and the laws
surrounding this, what a mechanic can and can’t do, and what the consumer can and can’t do.
So the first point we wanted to address is the fee charged for doing this. The RMS recommends
that mechanical workshops charge this fee before commencing the inspection. The reason for
this (and it is an issue of conflict with a lot of consumers), is you’re actually paying for the
mechanic’s time to do the inspection. You’re not paying for the result. If you’re vehicle fails a
rego inspection, the mechanic is still entitled to charge you for his time. The RMS sets the
maximum fee and it goes up by $1 every year. So in 2018, that fee is currently $41. A mechanic
cannot charge you any more than that to do a registration or e-safety inspection. If your vehicle
does fail rego, there’s nothing legally binding you to get those repairs carried out at that
mechanic. You can pay your $41, you can take your car home, you can take it to another
mechanic, you can do it yourself, you can get your grandfather to do it, you can get your dog to
do it. There’s nothing that the mechanic can do to make you get your car repaired at his or her
workshop. Having said that, once it’s repaired, if you return to the same shop that failed your
rego within two weeks, they cannot legally charge you for the second inspection. The second
inspection if free. Assuming of course that your dog has repaired your car to a standard that
meets RMS standards, your car should now do a rego pass and your own your way. No
additional monies handed over. If it fails though, the whole system starts again and your third
inspection will cost you another $41 so make sure your dog is skilled. Rego inspections these
days are valid in New South Wales for six months so if you’re getting your vehicle serviced as
often as you should be, you should be able to get your rego inspection done at the same time
as a service and then you should never have to do a seperate trip to you mechanic for a
registration inspection. A rego inspection is a lot more than just lights and tyres. There’s a lot of
workshops out there that are just kicking tyres and checking lights and passing cars for rego.
This is actually a problem that’s really injuring our industry and I don’t know why people bother
doing it because they’re only making a quick 40 bucks and having a heap of un-roadworthy
vehicles on the road. The RMS releases (when you get your pink slip license), an orange folder,
which looks like this. Can you see that in the shot? I hope so. There you go. This is not actually
for you as the consumer. This is for the mechanic and as you can see it’s pretty chockers.
These are all the things a vehicle can fail a rego inspection for. It’s massive. Cars, motorbikes,
trailers etc. Hence why it’s more than a lights and tyres inspection, it’s a comprehensive safety
check of the vehicle. The biggest issue that seems to be affecting customers, it’s damaging our
industry, and it’s creating a lot of confusion amongst consumers across different workshops, is
the issue of, if one guy or girl fails your vehicle for rego, and you go down the road and you get
someone who’s a tyre kickerer and a lights checkerer, if that’s a word, you’re vehicle passes
rego. Great. This does not make your vehicle safe. This just means that you’ve found yourself a
mechanic who is borderline unethical, who’s taken your quick $41 and let an unsafe vehicle
onto the road. This doesn’t make your vehicle any safer and he’s actually only injuring his own
industry. So you now have the knowledge. It’s up to you if you want to save yourself a few
hundred bucks and put a vehicle on the road that’s dangerous, that’s your call but the
mechanical workshop shouldn’t be doing just lights and tyres. They should be doing these
comprehensive checks. You either trust your mechanic or you don’t. If you do, you should trust
him or her when he says your vehicle needs A, B, C and D for rego. If you don’t trust him or her,
find someone you do but my advice would is to be very careful of workshops who are just
checking tyres and lights and let your unsafe vehicle out on New South Wales roads.

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