Range Rover Evoque Turbo Problems

This article covers the 2.2 Engine on the Range Rover Evoque.
There are two common causes for the turbo issues on this engine. The first is the electronic actuator for the turbo and the second is mechanical failure of the turbo itself.

  1. The electronic actuator
     Common symptoms of this failure are the vehicle being in restricted power mode and theCheck engine light may be illuminated. Fault codes P0237 – Turbo boost sensor, P0047 – Turbocharger boost control solenoid circuit, P0046 – Turbocharger boost control solenoid circuit range/performance, P0048 – turbocharger / supercharger boost control solenoid circuit high, P0238 – turbo / boost sensor “A” circuit high input & P2263 – Turbocharger activation fault may all be present in the engine ECU when scanned via diagnostics. If you have this issue the the electronic actuator will require replacement.
  2. Mechanical failure of the Turbo
    As with the the TDV6 we believe these is an issue with the excessive amount of kilometres between service intervals and what the dealers deem to be “extreme conditions” We have covered this in and article we wrote about this which you can read up on here.
    In short the huge amount of kilometres between oil changes is causing damage to the edge. The oil viscosity becomes to thick and the turbo is started of lubricating and cooling oils or in some cases the engine burns the oil and there is not enough oil to lubricate and cool the turbo charger. The result is the turbine itself locks up and in some cases it can break off. If this happens you do run the risk of small parts of the turbo becoming sucked through the engine causing extra damage.
    This fault is mostly avoidable by caring out regular oil changes every 10,000kms.GDL Automotive Services has a qualified Land Rover and Range Rover technician in our team. Harith is based at our Warriewood store and you can read up about him and his qualifications by clicking here.Contact our Warriewood branch if you have any Land Rover or Range Rover inquiries (02) 9979 5933.

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