Ram’s Electric 1500 REV Confirmed for Australia: Set to Follow US Launch

Great news for Australian Truck Enthusiasts. The all-electric Ram 1500 REV has been officially confirmed for the Australian market, with its arrival scheduled shortly after its US debut in late 2024.

Ram’s US chief, Mike Koval, assured Australian media that the supply chain for this Ford F-150 Lightning competitor has been integrated into the production plan. This means there will be minimal, if any, delay between the 1500 REV’s introduction in the US and its availability in Australia.

When asked about the launch of the 1500 REV in Australia, including the local conversion process through Walkinshaw and Ram Trucks Australia, Koval confidently responded, “Ultimately yes.” He expressed gratitude for the valuable partnership with the teams in Australia and New Zealand, emphasizing their role in Ram’s impressive growth.

Speaking from the New York Auto Show, Koval emphasized his ambition to create global products and secure Australian supply to ensure that the vehicle’s launch timing in Australia will closely align with its US debut.

Koval explained, “The idea here, and with any future product, is that we are a global brand more than ever. Historically, Ram brand sales have been predominantly in North America. Not anymore. If you look at the numbers in South America, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand… this is where something like the 1500 REV can really help us. This is all about global growth. This should enable us to expand our presence. There may be a staggered approach to launch, but it will be very close. We’re not excluding anybody out of the gate.”

The Ram 1500 REV, unveiled in New York, promises exceptional performance and cutting-edge features, including dual 250kW motors (one at each axle), battery options ranging from 168kWh to 229kWh, with the latter offering an impressive 500-mile (800km) range. The 1500 REV’s 800v architecture allows for 350kW fast charging, delivering 110 miles (177km) of driving range in just 10 minutes.

With a total system output of 487kW and 840Nm of torque, it accelerates to 100km/h in just over 4.4 seconds, boasts a towing capacity of over six tonnes, and offers a payload of 1.2 tonnes, ticking all the boxes for tough truck enthusiasts.

In Koval’s words, “It surpasses the competition in range, towing, and charging times. It’s not just an electric truck. It’s an electric Ram.” Exciting times are ahead for Australian automotive enthusiasts as they eagerly await the arrival of the electrifying Ram 1500 REV.

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