Ram 1500 Vehicle Review: Australian Market

Anticipating this thing to be appalling, we jumped in one and went for a quick drive. We were pleasantly surprised.

You have to look at this vehicle with a certain amount of assumed data before you start. No one is buying this to commute to and from the office, soccer mums are not buying this to drop the kids to school and then duck to the supermarket and learning driving schools are not financing these to teach young kids how to reverse parallel park.

If you looking to buy a Ram 1500 its because you already have the need for something large, with significant towing capacity and a ute. Once you are already in that category we are now looking at the vehicle with the perspective of its this vehicle compared to other imported trucks like the Silverado or even the light commercial market like the Ford Ranger, The BT50, the Triton or the Hilux.

With that in mind, this is how we looked at the Ram 1500 and were pleasantly surprised.

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