Project RB180 Stage4

We thought it was finished then three days before a planned track event this happened.
The video shows the beloved project that has consumed blood sweat and tears over the past twelve months blowing a motor on the dyno. We believe it has damaged a piston ring land on cylinder six but until we basically undo the last six months of work, remove the motor and strip it down we won’t know for sure. At the point of engine going pop the RB powered 180SX made 240Kw on 14PSI.
Interested the build project from day one then here are the links to the previous blogs covering the building of this car. Its looking like there will be more stages now.
Stage. 0.5 The skyline link here 
Stage 1 The build begins link here 
Satge 2 The serious stuff link here 
Satge 3 Its running link here 

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