After stripping an R33 Skyline over six months ago and then somewhere between three and five months ago, prepping the RB25 we finally got around to getting this project underway. The plan was to keep the shop in holiday mode for a week after returning from Christmas break. After having a few weeks off we planned to keep the bookings light and get this job wrapped up and the sprinter job finished too. It was not meant to be. The bookings came in hard and fast and there was no way we were going to get this job finished in one week and have our other work done. We did however make it a lot further into the adventure.
Our freshly appointed apprentice was set to work to begin with. Bonnet off and the fluids drained the first day and the task of removing the SR20, its wiring lume, radiator, power steering set up and air conditiong system was all left up to him.
At this point the project took a rapid turn from an engine swap job to a complete front end restoration. The removal of the engine bay compnants had revealed that the aftermarket guard bracing fitted to the car was causing hairline cracks to form in both the inner guards. starting at the base of the strut towers. There was now a need to weld up these cracks and remove the guard braces. The Guard braces use the bolts for the front door hinges and given they were a bit average they got replaced too. At this stage we had all the pannels removed from the car. Front doors, front guards, bonnet and front bar.
Before the pannel work went back on the call was made and the battery was relocated to the boot. The wire tuck for the car was done with the front guards off whch is how we feel they shou
ld be done. This wire tuck went another step further and the lume was cut and re run through the chasis rail then the entire lume re-soldered
To replace an SR with an RB in a S chasis you require the skyline crossmember and engine mount set up which we had salvaged from the skyline many months earlier. However the mount holes in the crossmember need to be re drilled further back to allow the shifter to line up with the hole in the gearbox tu
nnel. Along with that mod the gearbox tunnel needs a serious level of adjustment with a hammer to allow the bigger bell housing in and a custom made transmission crossmember is needed. These were all sorted in house with the flash fabrication skills of some top notch staff members.
As far as the running gear was concerned there was all the little bits left to go. Turbo was mounted after a day was spent replacing exhaust manifold studs and driling out broken exhaust mounting studs. (If you ever have an RB25 out of a car change the exhaust studds whilst it is out) The exceedy heavy duty clutch was fitted, rear main and transmisison fitted. Then the throttle body fitted and plumed up with with the plazmaman plenium.
Before the motor went in the front suspension got a look in with new ball joints and bushes fitted to the lower control arms. Another full day was spent on fitting the twin cooling fans and wriring up the tempreture related switching system for them. This job required the dummy fitment of the radiator and then brackets to be fabricated to mount the fans.
After a week we were about to drop the motor in. The brake master cylinder was removed to allow the huge manifold in and the steering rack was dropped to allow the sump to clear without hitting the rack. Then the motor went in. With the motor in and bolted up the plumbing and wiring are next.

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