The realisation that the build for this Civic is more than just building a cool car, and is in fact very important to a lot of people in our community, has added a little extra pressure to the build. In situations where we would normally be gingerly researching parts, flinching at some of the prices and generally procrastinating a little, we have very quickly called the required shots and as a result in a few short weeks almost all of the parts we need are here. I believe this is due to the pressure we have added ourselves as to the importance of this build.
timThe second stage to the building of this little Civic has become an ongoing mission chasing wrecking yards, ebay adventures and aftermarket suppliers through to smash repair suppliers. After developing a rough idea of what we want the Civic to look like and the modifications required to do that we set out on the month long quest to source the parts. Building a car that is almost twenty years old makes getting parts difficult, adding to that is the main improvement planned for the Civic is the series two facelift planned for the car. This upgrade is the first upgrade any real Civic enthusiast with a bit of coin carries out on their car. The result is the parts required are rare and expensive.
Before we headed down the line of what parts we needed, our team had a brainstorming session on what we wanted the car to look like and as a result what parts would be needed to achieve this. There was a lot of excitement surrounding this and lots of ideas came out. There was even talk of custom number plates. Something to tribute to Tim. Tims_plates
We hunted the world of Honda builders and discovered a few home truths when it came to building this car. The first was our expectation that the Honda enthusiasts would in some way be different to the drift car builders we have encountered in the past.  We discovered that the frustrating aspects to dealing with these younger generations of car builders is not limited to just drift car owners and builds but in fact to all modified car owners and builders. We persevered and in the end landed what we needed.
The cult film, The Fast and the Furious, depicts a few scenes that inspired us as teenagers to pursue the careers we have chosen. One of those scenes is the short shot of a red pick up truck loaded with all sorts of packages as the main characters commence in the building of the iconic orange Supra from that film. The parts line up for this Civic is the first time in my life I have even come close to having such a collection of parts in boxes waiting to get fitted up.
Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 11.15.52 pmPanels all sourced from aftermarket smash repair suppliers, headlights and fog lights, throttle body and extractors from ebay, tail lights and rear bar from wrecking yards. The tail gate and rear wing from Honda selling forums and the lips from an online body kit supplier meant that we are now looking at most of the parts we feel we need to get started.
The brief plan in our head is for the Civic to go white. The closest thing to what we plan on building is this image.

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