Project 1JZTT BMW Stage 3: The Wiring

BMWThere are two rather ugly issues with the BMW 1JZ project were currently building. One of these is the rather average rate at which it pulls up when the middle pedal is applied and the other is the absolute abortion of a wiring job this vehilce had done to it prior to us getting our paws on it. In todays Blog post we address that issue.
You did not want to be around me when I was prodding my multimeter fixing up the wiring. I get a sandy vagina just looking back at the clusterf*ck that qualified as ‘wiring’ in that car. The engine bay had rogue wires randomly strewn across to random ends of the engine and with no real purpose. Many mind games were played. Nearly every fuse in the fuse box was blown, once replaced they would blow again. Regardless of this fact everything still worked perfectly and nothing stopped working. I scratched my head till it bled.
I armed myself with these readily available manuals and went to camp on this German POS…
Everything seemed to be bypassed or disconnected.
I found one wire from behind the dash leading out past the firewall all the way to the front left headlight to grab illumination power. Why. For the love of god.
Brake lights didn’t work, oh that’s because the switch wire was cut at the pedal. That’s a perfectly normal thing to do.
Want separate power and ground for the autometer gauges? Sure just run some speaker cable diagonally across the cabin to the boot mounted battery. Sure why not. Kill me. F*ck.
bmw_stage3_3The autometer gauge cluster was in my sights. Besides the fact it was uglier than sin there were no highbeam and indicator bulbs to tell me I’ve been driving down the road for 10 minutes highbeaming people with the intention of possibly turning left. How. Embarrassing.
I yanked it all out in a fit of rage and created a wire-ball tumbleweed of fail which I kicked around the yard for several days before tripping over it one morning and eating shit.
Unfortunately there was no extra standard cluster in a box in the boot this time so to the wreckers I went to be fisted… Dry… With no first date… Oh and to buy a new cluster.bmw_stage3_4
Armed with a multimeter it took me a whole hour to get everything working as standard… Why it wasn’t done in the first place is beyond me.
Adjusting the speedometer was simple as the Jaycar speedo corrector was piece of piss.
I sold the gauges off on eBay and broke even. Silver lining I guess.
Picked up a standard steering wheel for $30 on the Bay and yanked the momo and boss kit, chucked it in the wee corner of the garden and left it to rot in the earth. This one has not one but FOURRR horn buttons that did not work thanks to the superb wiring job. No fear though they were just unplugged under the car :/ f*cking why?
bmw_stage3_8It came down to sorting out the most horrendous glovebox ecu installs I have ever witnessed. In the previous owner’s defence the Toyota JZ halfcuts are renowned for missing ecu plugs from the cabin loom end. Instead of sourcing said missing plugs someone in their infinite wisdom thought it would be a swell idea to put individual jumpers to each pin instead. Not only that but also allow the ecu to flop about and randomly slip out from behind the glovebox and on the unsuspecting passenger’s feet. If you’re lucky it will also yank out some jumpered pins stalling the car instantly which is sooo good to do in the middle of an intersection. No worries, that’s fine. I’ll kill you.
So yea, this took a while but it was done right.
The end 😉

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