Project 1JZTT BMW: Stage 2

nick3Stage 2 of the BMW Twin turbo project has finally arrived. The truth of the matter is we had this content weeks ago but a combination of how rubbish the lack of a right click button is on macs and the complete uselessness that ASUS computers are and add into that mix that Windows 8 is an infuriating system i


t has taken us this long to get a blog post published. Enough about rubbish computer systems this is all about a rather fast sleeper of a E30 BMW. Once again this is written by Nick.
It’s been a few weeks but as soon as it arrived in Sydney the proverbial ground was hit running with standardising quite a few of what I think were blasphemous ill-taste Tabouli modifications. Chopped springs in the rear were the start. Four-upping the trip home saw many bouncing sparks out the rear view. Pretty funny watching cars tailing us disappear almost instantly but I am unsure of the long term damage to our spines caused by this trip. I was definitely not a fan of the ride it produced to say the least.
A set of stiffened standard height springs were used to replace what was left in the rear. I can’t even call what was there ‘springs’, it was like half a coil on either side. F*ck knows how they located and stayed in on the highway. We were macking it on some massive

nick4potholes the highway had to offer…
It sits now how the Germans originally intended; unt high as f*ck scraping unt power lines.
eBay special halo proj ectors were in line next. They would have been radical in the 2004 autosalon days but I’m not exactly fond of yum cha bling headlights that are incorrectly aimed and produce scattered beams… So I sent them back to whence they came… Relisted on eBay!
It was the most painful listing I had ever witnessed with low ball ‘bro’ and ‘cuz’ offers left right and centre… I held my ground and they sold for a couple hundred bucks to some chap back in Victoria. No need to thank me Sydney-siders, I was ju

st doing my part for the local streets and our retinas.
Previous owner was nice enough to leave the standard ones in a box in the boot. They went in quick-smart with some fresh bulbs.
The differential; I’ve never had the ‘pleasure’ of driving a car with a welded rear end. The weak 2.9 ratio made me wince at the lights. Oh and my turning circle was ‘amazing’ while parking. Who am I kidding the whole parking experience made me ‘happy’ and ‘joyful’ while I sweat bullets praying not to jerk forward and smack cars around me.
Replacing it was pretty high on my agenda but unlike the s chassis world their cute ‘medium 8 bolt’ LSDs were stupidly overpriced with sane ratios (between 3.4 and 4.3). For the money people were asking I might as well fab up mounts to fit a 2way r200 and shafts and never look back. Nazi sled tax I guess.nick5 I f*cked that prick right off with a bargain LSD 3.4 I picked up the from a fellow e30 club member. The seller was way too nice to own a modified car, I would have gladly paid more if asked. The difference it made was like night and day, I like parking the car now.
It had an e28 hat and stubs so parts from the weldy of winces had to be swapped out and bathed in some fresh diff oil.
Burnt diff oil has this pong that can only be described as ‘f*ck off, it stinks’ followed by the gag reflex. My poor lawn still smells of this when it rains.
Piping for the intercooler was rather distracting. Although it worked fine and leak free the pipe and joiners used had me scratching my head.


There was one 90 degree bend that must have been a dog chew toy just after it was welded with a spatula and fork.
$12.99 free delivery on eBay fixed this issue with some fresh aeroflow joiners. Not sure why this was never attempted, it was only two happy meals worth of effort and some paint.
Looks a little more stock…
The wiring requires its own separate post. The Aladdin’s treasure trove of fails is too much to skim over. Stay tuned!


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