Project 180SX-RB26 FINISHED

Whilst our friend Nic is often heard saying “it’s finished” we are not so convinced and we know what he is like. Chances are the car will get more modifications and more work will come in the future, but for now we’re happy to accept the its finished sentiments.
Its a very rewarding feeling with the final piece falling into place with the much needed help from Haltech. The contacts at Haltech have helped out with the computer management systems and the tuning of the car. Now running on E85 and cracked the 500Hp mark on the last dyno run. Held down with four straps the two blokes in the boot, the 180 still fried tyres on the dyno whilst pulling this number.
The journey started for us on April 20th 2014 when i was asked to hold Nic’s hand through the fitment of a timing belt to an RB26 that was on an engine stand. This quickly became more than that for us, and we accidentally became involved in a much larger project and in the process made some great friends who are as close to family as one could ever be.
The 180 was running a RB25 already so some of the work was already done for us but it was still a mammoth job. Swapping motors, gearboxes, clutches, then discovering oil leaks, split hoses and blown turbos meant that not long after the motor was removed again and several things sorted out.
From then on we were involved in, fitting S15 rear subframes, diff upgrades, S15 steering racks, front and rear knuckles, single turbo conversion, roll cage, RX7 front brakes, GTR wheels and various other elements before it all came to a grinding halt after Mr Plod demonstrated how truly awesome he was and took the car off the road for us with the beloved red sticker of doom.
The red sticker of inconvenience was nothing new to us and we set about getting it engineered. With some technicalities arising like issues with engine numbers and roll cages we got the all clear after a few gruelling weeks and it was back on the road. The latest stage was the LS7 commodore coil pack upgrade and the plasma man fuel system allowing the car to run on E85. Then came this beloved day on the dyno. Oh happy days.

If you wish to read up on more surrounding this build check out the Nissan tab on the right hand side of the screen. Almost every stage of this build has been covered in those blog posts.

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