Nowra Toyota: Issues With Trust

490661-45dc4ba8-d0f6-11e4-a4a5-09d7e9cc7466Our vision is plastered upon all our marketing material, its on our website and above all else it is reflected in what we do, how we treat people and how we behave. To undo industry mistrust is a big task and will take many years and lots of hard work. This is because we are trying to undo decades of dishonest behaviour in our industry. Outright theft is one cause of this national scale of trust issues, yet its not the only.
Apart from theft in the form of unjustified repairs and expensive repair bills there is a conglomerate of other issues that have been known to go on in the auto industry that has caused this massive lack in trust and rightfully so. Theft of items within cars, damage and no responsibility of cars, hooning in clients cars and general mistreatment of other peoples belongings are all things that happen from time to time in our industry.
To combat this many companies have made drastic changes in the way they operate their companies and to their credit have started to turn the public’s perception of the industry around. Many shops offer CCTV footage where you can watch you car whilst its in the workshop or have glassed walled waiting rooms that allow you to watch what’s happening literally three meters away from your car. With these changes starting to develop momentum, we believed a good change was on its way which leaves us a little disappointed with the latest move by Nowra Toyota.
The dealership placed a sign somewhere at the front of the service department stating that vehicles with dash cams or other recording devices left in them will not be worked on. It then lists the legal rights and ramifications. The social media uproar that came after this has possibly undone some of the positive ground gained for the whole industry but for the one business itself we believe this may be a death blow for the business.
493134-ffc8bfa4-d0f8-11e4-a4a5-09d7e9cc7466The sign reads very aggressively and states “under no circumstances will any work or test driving of your vehicle be undertaken by our personnel if all or any recording devices are not removed or switched off”. However our gripe with this as consumers is not the wording or the delivery of it but rather the possible reasoning behind this. Why is recording of what a mechanic or other auto professional does in a consumers vehicle a problem? The only conclusion that most have and will make, regardless of the the accurateness of this, is that there is unethical behaviour of one sort or another going on and the dealership does not want this to be known to the client or the general public.
The overall consensus the social media world is throwing back at them is “if you have nothing to hide, then why is this necessary”. A view point that we have to agree with.
Overall the move on the dealerships part is rather disappointing given the troubles surrounding trust that this industry already battles. Its a bit of a set back but hopefully could be a lesson other workshops can learn from.

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