My Mechanic Is Expensive!

The average house hold in Sydney is stretched thin. Money is tight with school costs, pets, mortgages and general cost of living. The last thing you need is for your car to stop running in peak our traffic.

Picture this:
You have a busy day ahead of you, you have to get your kids to school, stop off at centreline, pick up dog food for your two staffies that you can’t afford and are slowly destroying your rental property. Following that, you have an appointment, to have your face tattoo removed, which you’re already running late for.
Your car has dramatically stopped in peak hour traffic and now you are flagging abuse from tradesman with limited vocabulary, a bloke who seems to be accumulating tickets won for dropping the F bomb needlessly into every sentence. (who knew the F bomb is a verb, an adjective, adverb, and noun).
You finally make it to a mechanic. The overweight tow truck driver with a serious need for an attitude adjustment informs the mechanic that he thinks you’re some sort or idiot and all the problems in the world are currently your doing.
A day latter you receive the dreaded phone call. You car has had the mechanical equivalent of a heart failure and no amount of blood thinners and aspirin is going to help.
Your facing a bill in the thousands of dollars and your car will be off the road for weeks.
Good news this situation is completely avoidable.

First: We need to examine the situation. Whilst our situation is humours and fictional its not that dissimilar from the unfortunate scenarios we have been seeing in our workshops recently. With the increase of financial pressure on the average household there has been an alarming spike in catastrophic mechanical failures to engines and other major components to a motor vehicle in recent times.
Basically consumers who are feeling the pinch have seen the motor vehicle as a possible source of revenue saving by doing one or more of the following

  1. Skipping vehicle serving all together
  2. Opting for dealer capped price servicing ( we have covered why this is a problem here)
  3. Doing the bare minimum at the service (only changing the oil and filter)
  4. Doing the oil changes themselves
  5. Looking for an easy Rego pass workshop for rego renewal

All, or a combination of these money saving tactics have a detrimental effect to the safety and reliability of your motor vehicle. It’s a short term gain for a greater problem latter.

Your motor vehicle is your second most valuable asset you own. Or in the case that you don’t own your home is the single most valuable asset you own. Cutting corners on the maintenance of this asset is not only ludicrous, will cost you big in the long run.

To avoid these large damaging repair costs and the inconvenience of needing to have you car of the road for weeks you simply need to keep on top of the maintenance of you car. And that is more than just an oil and filter change.

Find yourself a mechanical workshop that prides its self on the service it offers, not the price it charges. A race to the bottom on price will cause your car to break down and your mechanic to go out of business, no body wins.

This workshop should be recommending additional repairs and maintenance items whist your car is getting serviced. The result is every six moths you will have to shell out a few hundred dollars to have some extra items replaced or repaired. Obviously this is not a guarantee that nothing will ever fail on your car but it greatly reduces the chance of that happening.

What it will do is stop massive failures caused by poor maintenance and in our experience most catastrophic failures in a motor car are caused by poor maintenance.

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