Mercedes Wins "After Sales Satisfaction Award"

canstarIt’s one thing to be nice and pleasant to a clients face when they walk into a showroom. Its assumed that the sales guys and girls will sweep the floor before your feet and offer you an endless amount of free coffee while you’re browsing the car lot. Of course they will treat you like a sultan, but what happens after the sale? Once your money is in the dealership growth fund, how are you treated?
You don’t need to look far or hard on the internet to find an archive of sales and service people at various dealerships mistreating people once the big transaction has happened.
For most Australians the second largest asset purchase they will ever make will be a motor vehicle. So naturally we want to be treated right when purchasing this asset. Most of the automotive industry has this figured out and are daily good to people. But once tens of thousands of dollars have been transferred, what happens then?
Canstar Blue is a private organisation that rates the market leaders in a number of industries on the after sales customer service and satisfaction. It has nothing to do with the sale and how the client is treated in the lead up to the transaction but focuses on the after sales service.
In 2015 -2016, 2300 individuals who bought a new car from a dealership participated in the voting. Of the fifteen manufactures to make the list Mercedes Benz came out as the number one car manufacturer when it comes to customer service after the initial sale of the vehicle.
Mercedes won this along with collecting itself five stars in both the point of sales service and vehicle reliability categories.

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