Mazda 6 GJ Review

mazda six vehicle reviewThe Mazda 6 is another of the vehicles we highly advise our clients to purchase either new or secondhand. This article looks at the GJ Model, which was released as the third generation and sold between 2012 and 2016.
Personally I feel the Mazda 6 is an amazingly attractive car. A strange thing to say, granted, but think of it in the same way one could admire a beautiful horse. Recognition of beauty does not insinuate sexual desire but if one could have a lust filled relationship with an automobile the Mazda 6 is my kind of car.
The 6 was not as popular as the Mazda 3. A slightly high pricetag may be to blame along with the assumption that the 6 was owned and driven by middle management cooperates and told the world “I want my bosses job but I’m not there yet” where as the 3 was more of a young persons “I’ve made it for my age” statement. Of course none of this is factual but perception has greater selling power than any other factor.
The earlier model Mazda 6 is probably mechanically better than the 3 with very little going wrong with them. However the GJ saw some new features introduced into them and they are giving a little bit of trouble.
Things to watch out for if buying one secondhand are.
Radiators do leak on at the tanks. These leaks are rarely tremendous gushes of water but rather small weeps that build up what looks like play dough on the sides of the radiators.
Front lower control arm bushes are common for splitting on these. Like the Mazda 3 this is normal a complete lower control arm to replace it.
The GJ only comes with sky active options for the engines. These motors are giving some issues to some owners but seem to be few and far between.
mazda skyactive faultsSKY ACTIVE:
Most of the common faults to hit the 6 apply to the sky active systems. With most new technology that hits the automotive market, teething problems arise. These issues are to be expected but unfortunately cost of these improvements fall on the consumer. Early adopters can march around with man buns and leather satchel for his apple computer but the truth is, it’s he who has to pay for these developments. At this stage we advise avoiding the sky active models as a long list of faults come with them including.
– High pressure fuel pump faults
– Blowing white smoke and not accelerating
– Oil pressure faults in the automatic transmissions
– Automatic transmissions Flaring
– manual transmissions jumping out of third gear
– Leaking sunroofs.
Our advice is these are still great cars and most of these problems listed as common faults and none have been seen on our clients cars (we we simply did was research the recalls and faults). This list may seem extensive to you for a car we are advising you to buy, so allow me to ease your concern. A list on the Landcover Discovery is over eighty items long and causes your internet to crash whilst trying to download the list. A car that breaks the internet is one to avoid, the Mazda 6 is no such car. Buy it.
Our clients are reporting a near perfect car with very few complaints. However if these items are of concern for you we would advise you get an earlier model or wait for a fourth Generation Mazda 6 which will likely have smoothed out many of these issues.

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